Tall Never Looked So Good

Dallas woman designs fashions for those 5'9" and above


A Dallas woman's desperate search for clothes that fit ended in something she hopes will help other women - a fashion line for women 5 feet 9 inches and taller.

"I was when in high school when I wanted a retail store. Got a little older and started looking for designs, and I couldn't find them which led to make these clothes which is which we are today," explained Lameka Weeks, owner and designer of Height Goddess.

The 6-foot-1-inch Weeks  thinks of what she'd like in her closet and hands the idea to designer Whitney Bracey who borders on six feet.

"I come with different sketches of the design, and I let her pick what she likes.  And once she does that, I put it into a pattern," Bracey said.

The pattern is sent toCentral Falls, a company in Garland that makes clothes under its own label and private labels such as Weeks' Height Goddess.

A line of blue jeans three years ago was the first to be produced and now Weeks is expanding to a spring/summer collection that includes white skinny jeans and a maxi dress.

"And the thing about a maxi dress," described Weeks, "is they're never long enough, never hit right.  We want them to hit the floor like everyone else's, so you can wear a flat or heel and still high the right length."

Height Goddess is sold primarily direct to consumer through its website and also in a few boutique stores such as Indigo 1745 in the Bishop Arts District.  Owner Denise Manoy said the blue jeans, priced $130 to $145, are a big hit.

"When i see a tall woman walk in, I'm like I have a jean for you," smiled Manoy.

"Flat-footed, I'm 6-foot-1 and I love my heels," said Weeks. "And I do have heels on today and they're (blue jeans) still long enough."

The proportions have to be right, too.

"It's hard finding things that have the length and the right proportions.  It might fit in the length but big in the waist or too tight in the butt," explained Bracey.

"When someone puts it on, and they're like 'I never had this!', I know I'm on the right track. My tag line is 'Be stylish. Be confident. Be You', and Height Goddess embodies all of that. It's about embracing and loving your height," said Weeks.  

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