Taking a Trip on the Underground Railroad

A trio of adults is committed to making sure the next generation learns about the Underground Railroad. 

Students at Kirkpatrick Elementary School in Fort Worth were treated to a two-hour presentation about a character named "Baku" who came from Africa with his mother. Both are enslaved, split up and then go along the Underground Railroad to freedom. Students learned from the actors through music and interactive moments. 

Sheran Goodspeed plays Harriet Tubman in the production. The students responded to her to call and response while she's singing.  The children laughed and giggled but also understood the underlying meaning.

Student David Guerrero said he learned what the slaves had to do to escape.  Vanessa Duran said the play made her feel sad.

"These people were really innocent. They didn't need to be punished like this."  Kilaa Thomas said. "We should have our own lives to live. We shouldn't own other people."

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