TABC Now Issuing Permits to All of Dallas

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has issued the first permits following last November's election to turn parts of dry Dallas wet.

Now available in the previously dry areas are permits to sell beer and win for off-premises consumption and mixed beverage permits in restaurants that hold a food and beverage certificate.

Even though a lawsuit has been filed to contest the election, the courts have not instructed TABC to halt permitting.

The TABC said Wednesday that it is difficult for them to determine which permit is located in previously dry areas, so the list of new permits below is for the entire city.

Three wine and beer retailer’s off-premise permits have been issued to: 

  • C Store No. 11 at 13207 Maham Road – issued on 12/16/10
  • 7-11 Convenience Store at 2120 Greenville Avenue – issued on 12/16/10
  • Ha’s Discount Tobacco City at 1294 E. Ledbetter Drive – issued on 12/22/10

Two mixed beverage permits in restaurants with a food and beverage certificate have been issued to: 

The TABC said there are approximately 10 pending applications for a mixed beverage permit at a restaurant with a food and beverage certificate and approximately 140 pending applications for a wine and beer off-premises permit.

These permits are expected to be issued between now and mid-January.

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