Super Target Now Comes in a Smaller Package

A concept store that packs the contents of a Super Target into a regular-sized store has arrived in North Texas.

The Target store off of U.S. 75 and Haskell Avenue is now packed with 90 percent of the grocery items found in a Super Target.

"They could make this like their one-stop shopping experience," said Ruben Reyes, a Target spokesman.

The company calls the concept P-Fresh.

"They can come buy clothing for the children or themselves and then also pick up a basket full of groceries," Reyes said.

The store on Haskell is the first of its kind in North Texas, carrying everything from fresh meats and produce to frozen foods, as well as a selection of beer and wine. Fourteen more expanded Targets will hit the Metroplex by October 2010.

"We're definitely becoming more competitive," Reyes said.

"It helps with the competition with the Walmarts and the Walmart food stores," said Target shopper, Karyn Sanchez.

While the store's grocery section has only been open for the past two weeks, customers are already enjoying the added convenience.

Shopper Lee Gettman-Allen, who lives in Oak Cliff, said it's much more convenient to pick up groceries at the Haskell Avenue store instead of driving all the way to the Super Target on Northwest Highway.

"I actually work right across the street, so I can just go after work or at lunchtime and just grab a few things, so I don't have to stop on my way home or try to go out of my way to get groceries when I get home from work," Sanchez said.

The Haskell Avenue Target will serve as a model for the other 14 expanded stores that will open in North Texas next year.

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