“Summerizin” Your Hair

Get your hair ready for the heat

Between the sun, the heat, chemicals and chlorine, keeping your hair soft and silky during the summer is nearly impossible; unless you have help from a pro.

We stopped by Blaine’s Color in Dallas to find out how to tame wild summer tresses.

"You have to “summerize” your hair," said stylist Blaine Schlaudt

“If you start the summer off right then you protect your hair throughout the summer, then at the end of the summer you’re going to have some good hair to work with in the fall,” said Schlaudt.

The first thing you want to do is get a trim. Schlaudt said 'amputation' is the only way to repair a split end. Next, grab some items you probably already have around the house, like baking soda, then mix the powder with shampoo to deep cleanse hair.

“It does feel really gritty to the hands, but what you’re doing is just stripping that product off the hair,” said Schlaudt.

He suggests doing this treatment once a month. If you spend a lot of time in the pool, grab some aspirin. The acidity of 2 pills equalizes the alkalinity of the chlorine.

“That’s going to take that green out and that’s going to save you several hundred dollars in the salon,” said Schlaudt.

Don’t forget to deep condition and you don’t have to do it very often.

“Like once a month, or once every 30 shampoos. If you don’t shampoo every day or you shampoo every other day that’s once every two months,” said Schlaudt.

Before you dry your hair, use an argon oil to seal the hair.

“With holes in your hair shaft, it doesn’t hold the moisture, the moisture just kind of runs right out, and that’s basically what the argon oil does it goes in and refills those holes,” said Schlaudt.

Finally, try not to wash your hair every day. Schlaudt suggests using dry shampoo.

“You just take a little dry shampoo and you want to use a dry shampoo that’s a starch base because the starch absorbs the oils,” he said.

Schlaudt said styling your hair with round brushes made of boar hair is another way you can keep your hair silky. You can find those at most beauty supply stores.

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