Stop Co-Workers Annoying Habits Without Retribution

New website allows for anonymous criticism

Admit it now. Everybody has someone… a boss, a co-worker, a friend… who has some annoying habit or does something so irritating that… well… they need to know about it.

And you’d tell them…but you feel it would come back on you. Well, now there’s a free on line tool that will do just that. It’s called the the “Anonymous Tip Giver.”

And oh boy, is this new site going to be busy.

Sponsored by the site, it’s a totally anonymous way to offer some… ahem… “constructive criticism” without ever being traced back to you.

You choose between some animated characters and can either use a canned message or type in your own and the character’s computer generated voice delivers it in an email to the recipient’s in box… without revealing your identity.

Click here to check it out.

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