Step Up To The Plate At Rooster's Roadhouse

Barbecue, beer and burgers, oh my

Typically built off of a major thoroughfare, a roadhouse is a place where travelers can grab a bite to eat and then continue on their way.

But Rooster’s Roadhouse is anything but typical. It’s a destination for ‘epicurious’  gourmands from around the globe.

“They come from all over. We’ve had ‘em from Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arkansas and even other countries as well,” said owner Morgan Hull.

People come with empty bellies and a hunger to conquer one of two meaty celebrations of gluttony -- The Texas Slider Challenge and Rooster’s Hell Burger.

The Hell Burger is a little slider that looks like a toddler could snarf it down with a couple quick bites.

A few parenthesized phrases in its description on the menu may make someone ask a couple questions before ordering it:

“Why can only a person 18 years or older order the Hell Burger?”

“Why must I sign a waiver and why would I want to add a scoop of ice cream to my order?"

If the prospect of crying after eating a Hellburger doesn't sound appealing, diners can beef it up by attempting the Texas Slider Challenge.

It's comprised of 18 mini smash burgers and a pound of cheddar fries. It adds up to about four pounds of food a challenger must devour within 30 minutes.

Talk about a deadline.

Rooster’s Roadhouse
113 Industrial St.

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