Star Sighting: Laura Leighton and Colin Egglesfield

New tenants of “Melrose Place” hang at DP&L

Best-known for her role as the red-haired character Sydney Andrews in the ‘90s television series “Melrose Place,” actress Laura Leighton was spotted in downtown Dallas today. The diminutive star (one quick shift of her oversized, black patent leather purse seemed to throw her off balance) was eating lunch at Fuse. She ordered a balanced plate of Scottish salmon, miso soup, steamed rice and mesclun salad with water. Wearing what looked like size negative 0 jeans and a tiered white top under a sanguine-colored jacket, Leighton is in town to celebrate the new season of “Melrose Place”.

Also in town celebrating the new season of the once hit show, actor Colin Egglesfield (“All My Children”) ate lunch at Fuse, too. He ordered a balanced plate of steak (cooked medium well) with steamed rice, miso soup, meslcun salad and a spicy tuna roll. He looked relaxed in a light blue, long sleeve button down shirt and jeans. After their nosh session, the two actors shot a studio segment on the sun lit patio for Saturday night’s “Melrose Place” party, which takes place at Fuse.

Leighton plays the landlady on the new show. We’re sure DP&L residents are thrilled.

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