Sprinkles' Sweet Treats Are Famous

A little taste of Hollywood has become one big sensation in Dallas.  Hilary Swank, Jake Gylenhall and even Oprah are all addicted to Sprinkles cupcakes -- and so are Dallas locals. 

The cupcakes-only bake shop tucked away in Preston Center has gathered quite a following -- and customers said they're the sugary equilavent to perfection.

"They are wonderful -- best cupcake ever!" raves one Sprinkles regular.

Candace Nelson and her husband cooked up the idea four years ago in their tiny kitchen in L.A.  The couple had worked in finance for several years, but Nelson said she always had a soft spot for sweets. 

"We like to say we went from banking to baking," said Nelson.  "We literally had no idea what a sensation Sprinkles cupcakes would become."

And four years later, the family owned company is still growing and they are about to open their sixth store.

So what's the secret to their success? Nelson said it all starts in the kitchen with fresh ingredients and loads of icing.

"You don't want to skimp on the frosting," said Nelson. Nelson's staff is personally trained through her own frosting bootcamp.

The cupcakes are baked fresh every day, usually just hours before they're sold.  But these gourmet sweets don't come cheap -- boxes run about $40 for a dozen. But the customers we spoke to don't seem to mind.

"They're worth it," said one Sprinkles regular, "They're worth every penny."

But at the end of the day, Nelson donates the unsold gourmet treats to local foodbanks.

"We like to give back to our local communities and really be involved," said Nelson. 

Sprinkles' Dallas location is located at 4020 Villanova Drive in the Plaza at Preston Center.

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