Spring Break Deals From DFW

Orlando, South Florida, Las Vegas are most popular destinations

After a cold, hard winter, many North Texans are ready to splurge on spring break. But taking a break doesn't have to break the bank.

Travelocity's Jennifer Gaines, who blogs travel tips from "The Window Seat," said spring breakers can find great deals.

"You don't have to spend a lot of money if you're a savvy traveler," she said.

Gaines said top spring-break destinations this year are Orlando, Fla., the beaches of South Florida and Las Vegas.

Four nights at a hotel right near Disney World in Orlando -- including airfare from DFW -- is just $660 per person.

"Average airfare to Orlando is below the national average, as are their hotel rates," Gaines said.

There are also lots of options in South Florida, with its great beaches, hotels and airports.

"You can get a flight plus four-night hotel stay at the Marriot Coral Springs for less than $750 per person," Gaines said.

Las Vegas is always popular with North Texans. This year, three nights at Mandalay Bay will cost about $750 per person, including airfare.

"It does have one of the lowest average hotel rates in the country, so great deals to Vegas," Gaines said.

Even resorts in Mexico are making a comeback, despite growing violence along the border.

"Travelers should definitely stay away from the border cities and places where they are seeing violence like, unfortunately, Acapulco right now," Gaines said.

There's another way to save money -- just ask for free stuff.

With rates up, hotels are offering free nights, as well as upgrades to free meals, show tickets and spa treatments to help fill rooms.

"Hotels are out there, they're offering these freebies, and travelers, most certainly no matter where they're going, should take advantage of those," Gaines said.

Travelocity currently has 56,000 such "value adds." Average hotel rates are up 8 percent over last year, but travelers can recover that cost by taking advantage of the freebies.

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