Hyena's Keeps the Laughs Coming

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll eat, and, as the three locations of Hyena's Comedy Club have proven, you'll be back for more.

The Dallas location is just a DART ride away, located in the heart of Mockingbird Station. Its sister showrooms are located in Arlington and Ft. Worth, with more planned to open nationally in the near future.

Hyena’s stands out from its competitors -- including The Improv -- by having it’s own niche: a night of stand-up comedy with comics who fly under the radar.

“We don’t consider ourselves competition [with the Improv] because we do two different things. They do name recognition where people pay high ticket prices and [the comics] cost a lot of money to bring in. Whereas we bring in road comics that are every bit as funny but you’ve just never heard of them,” Hyena's Owner Jim Butler said.

The names they’ve seen coming through most recently included seasoned locals Paul Varghese (click here for our interview with him), Mark Agee, Anthony Perez, Heather McDonald (click here for our interview with her), and Jerry Rocha from this season’s “Last Comic Standing.” (who we interviewed during his recent stop in Dallas.)

Here's the general rundown for Hyena's plans:

Looking for some free fun on a Wednesday night? Enjoy the open mic night, where experienced and aspiring comics come to try out their jokes in front of an audience.  This is an experimental night where the audience’s laughs can determine the life or death of a joke -- so results may vary.

Thursday nights are another free show which usually features the weekend’s headliner. This is a great chance to see the featured weekend act for a lower rate; in this case, the early birds get the worm.

The official shows run Fridays and Saturdays and usually have an 8:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m showtime to choose from.

In terms of nibbles, the menu is composed of fried finger foods, and chips and salsa. We'd suggest that you eat a meal before coming to a show.

“Hyena’s is not a dinner destination, but a snacky destination,” Marketing Director Amanda Robinson said.

There's a sense of camaraderie within Hyena's walls. Staff, comics, and regulars all call the club a home away from home.

“It’s like a big small family,” Robinson said.

Audiences also get the chance to meeting their favorite comics after the show to get a picture and exchange a few words. It’s a fun way to vamp up your latest Facebook update with, “You won’t believe who I just met…” while dropping a joke you just heard.

“People need that time away from their real lives to forget who they are and what they’re doing- whatever is going on in their lives. It’s good to stop and laugh.” Amanda Robinson

Hyena’s will be featured in this year’s Mockingbird Station Summer Social - a promotional event where each week a new business will be featured and promotional items and/or special offers will be given. This year’s Summer Social lasts from June 21- August 13. So if you want a chance to get your hands on some Hyena’s tickets, check it out online as well as on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Their featured comic that week will be Rebecca Corry.

For more ticket and general information for Hyena’s Comedy Club in Dallas, Arlington, and Ft. Worth, click here.

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