Spoiler Alert: 48 Nights Chefs

Exclusive list of chefs to come

A little birdie told us the following chefs are confirmed to cook in the coming weeks at 48 Nights. The restaurant is open on Mondays and Tuesdays nights, at 1808 Sylvan Ave. Suite 101 near Interstate 30.

It seats only 30 people and the price for dinner is $75 per person. Proceeds benefit the Mass Care Task Force. The task force is a collaboration of the Salvation Army, Red Cross, North Texas Food Bank and Volunteer Center of North Texas.

Bolsa restaurant owners Chris Zielke, Christopher Jeffers and Chef Tim Byres are the masterminds behind concept.

We apologize for letting the cat out the bag if you were enjoying the guerrilla-restaurant-style guessing game, but eh, we're in the business of providing the scoop.

Besides, we haven’t blabbed the corresponding dates – yet. 

In addition, chef/owner of the critically acclaimed Pacific Time in Miami, Florida, Jonathan Eismann will fly in to partake in 48 Nights.

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