SpeedZone Puts Excitement in Gear

High speed racing puts you and adrenaline in driver's seat.


If speed runs through your veins faster than adrenaline SpeedZone is your home.

The "Turbo Track" is one of the longest tracks at SpeedZone. It's one of four main racing attractions nestled alongside other arcade entertainment inside.

“This is one of our family tracks so we have a shorter height requirement on it. So, a lot of our parents who are out here with little kids are going to come to this track a lot more. Younger kids you know that basically want to come out and have a good time and might not necessarily be big enough to drive our dragsters or Slick Track are going to enjoy this track a lot,” says SpeedZone Sales Manager Courtney Case.

Another experience, “Elimination Dragsters" is one where you get to test the thresholds of speed.

“We have about 4-5 cars that race at a time basically they go from 0-70 in three seconds straight down a track. It’s pretty fast, yes. You control how fast you go. Once you get to a certain spot in the track there’s a shift button. It gives you a little extra boost so you can hit that 70,” said Case.

It’s the fastest ride at SpeedZone. Even the pros like to come and showoff their prowess.

“We have a lot of groups that will come out here and compete against each other. We have a lot of people that will actually come out and, VIPs and stuff. Ryan Newman came out here from NASCAR. We’ve had Kyle Busch out here. We get them on this track and we try to race against them as well,” said Case.

For those who imagine themselves as their own racing legends, or maybe a getaway driver, the “Slick Track" will scrutinize your skills.

“The material of this track is actually made out of a different kind of material than the other track so it’s a lot more slick so you slide around a lot more. Also, the tires on the Go-Carts are pretty much bald so you tend to drift a lot more. This is our most popular attraction besides the dragsters and it’s very well known. If you want to get that 'Tokyo Drift' feeling, this is the track that you want to come to,” said Case.

Finally, there’s a two-level track meant for family fun.

“We’re at our Thunder Road Track, this is our family track. Maybe you have kids at home who aren’t old enough yet to drive on their own. We have passenger cars so they are able to ride with a passenger who is an adult who has a driver’s license. This track is also two levels. You go up and you come back down,” said Case.

For racers ready to join the fun,


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