Southlake Carroll ISD Investigating Racist Video Circulating Social Media

Officials at Carroll Independent School District in Southlake say they're looking into a racially offensive video that was posted on Twitter over the weekend.

The video shows about 10 students sitting around a bed shouting a racial slur at the camera. "I say [racial slur], you say [racial slur,]" the girl says to the group and to the camera, which is in selfie mode.

NBC DFW has chosen to not show the video.

The district says they will meet with parents and students Monday to address consequences.

It’s unclear what punishment, if any, the students will face.

The video was not recorded on school property but school officials say the student code of conduct will apply “as facts warrant.”

The district sent the following email to parents, students and staff on Saturday:


We are aware of an inappropriate video that was posted publicly on social media by some Southlake teens and circulated online this weekend. We are extremely disappointed that any of our students would be involved in making a video involving a racial slur.

Our district and campus administrators have been working since we found out about it last night to notify parents and students about the video, and to have the video taken down. Engaging with the post, even to actively speak out against it, was circulating and promoting it even more on social media. The video has been reported to Twitter, as well. Although this did not occur at school, it has quickly become an issue that we as a district and a community must address.

While we have certainly had to investigate and respond to individual incidents of inappropriate language and use of racial slurs in the past, having a video posted in such a public forum requires a very direct approach by community leaders. To be clear, there is no excuse or explanation that is acceptable for behavior or speech that promotes racism. This is not who we aspire to be in our community nor does it support the core values we teach as Dragons. We appreciate those of you who are supporting our efforts to educate and help students understand the significance of their speech and behavior as citizens of not only their school district but of the greater Southlake community and the world. Clearly this isn’t just a local problem. Still, we have a responsibility to respond and to send a clear message.

As a district and community, we cannot and won’t tolerate this kind of behavior and conduct.

Meetings with students and parents regarding consequences are happening on Monday. It’s a tough social media world out there for our kids, for sure. But as Dragons, we are better than this. We must value and respect everyone and avoid any actions that promote racism or hate speech.

This Administration will apply the Student Code of Conduct to this situation as facts warrant. Still, there are some tough lessons to be learned in this moment. It will take all of us as a community working together to raise good citizens who value differences and promote kindness toward others. Raising children is a partnership. We love all our students, and we will work diligently with our Dragon families and community leaders to care and support their growth as individuals and good citizens.

CISD Leadership Team

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