Solar Screens in Winter? You Bet

Winter is just around the corner and you may have a hard time thinking about those summer energy bills but now may be the perfect time to plan ahead.

That's because if you outfit your house with solar screens this is the perfect time to get a discount.

"There is a big advantage and you are getting them at a discounted price right now, too because you know it's supply and demand in the middle of the summer a premium price and you are going to have to wait 3 weeks where as right now you can have them on in one or two days," says Adam Vanchura with Lone Star Solar Screens.

Clay McGilvray is taking advantage of the deal after getting some outrageous bills over the summer, "We had 800 dollar electric bills for a 35-hundred square foot house probably exceeded 800 last summer."

Vanchura says they can custom fit your window, make the screens to your specifications and save you some money in the long run, "It's the most economical way to help you reduce your energy dollars."

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