Snuffer's Pleases Patrons for 33 Years

Special seasoning makes Snuffer's burgers and fries long-time favorites

If you want a plain burger and fries you’ll have to go somewhere else.

At Snuffer’s, it’s the special attention to your food that keeps customers returning to savor the flavor.

“It’s wonderful," diner Jacque Resendez says, "very good." Resendez and her family dine at Snuffer’s often.

Long time customer Ben Wallace says Snuffer’s is his favorite burger joint. “This is the place to come,” he says.

Owner Pat Snuffer started it all in the late 70’s. “Back in 1978, lower Greenville wasn’t what it is today. There was very little business down here. Very little traffic and as you can see it has changed drastically in the last 32-33 years,” Snuffer explains.

Diner Dana Banks enjoys more than the food. “It’s just a very nice atmosphere, the people are fine, the waitresses and waiters are very nice. It’s a good place,” she says.

Snuffer adds, what makes his seven restaurants popular is something everyone experiences, but no one knows how to do. “It’s a flavor that we have. We make our own seasoning mix.”

Don't bother asking what's in the seasoning -- the recipe is kept secret.

The seasoning can also be found in the restaurant’s famous cheddar fries.

“We started doing the cheddar fries back in 1978 and to my knowledge we were the first ones to do them,” Snuffer says.

The cheddar fries are one of diner Cammy Nugent’s favorite dishes to order. “They are the best they are very good you can’t stop eating them,” Nugent says.

“It’s very gratifying. Even after all these years, we still have many people that come in here, second, third generations that have been coming here since they were in high school, college...and it’s a good feeling to know we’ve been around this long.” Snuffer adds.

We visited the Greenville Ave. location of Snuffer's for this story (3526 Greenville Ave, Dallas), but you can find other locations in Dallas (Park Cities), Addison, Plano, Rockwall, Southlake, and Highland Village

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