Smoke Grand Opening

Chef Tim Byres is "raising hell from scratch" at Smoke at the Belmont Hotel.

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Annie Potasznik
Kinky Friedman was all smiles, oozing Texas charm as people lined up for a chance to shake his hand.
Annie Potasznik
Chopped pork sandwiches topped with tangy coleslaw gave guests a tasty peek into what they can expect from Chef Tim Byres.
Annie Potasznik
Good music, great food and a fun crowd gathered at the grand opening of Smoke in Oak Cliff.
Annie Potasznik
For those of you who enjoy pork...
Annie Potasznik
The food was so good people kept coming back for more, even in the rain.
Annie Potasznik
It's not a party with out a whole pig (minus the head) cracklin' on the grill.
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