Smells Like Success

We sniff out some intriguing celebrity scents ready to be sprayed on

JUST PRESS 'PLAY': Contained in what looks like a sleek MP3 player, Justin Timberlake and Givenchy's "Play" has combined the ideas of musical notes and specific scents -- at least in their marketing language. We get the concept; patchouli and vetiver scents provide the "bass notes" while grapefruit and manadarin orange are the "top notes" for the eau de toilette fragrance. A second edition, "Play Intense," features more on the base, including Tonka bean, and drops some of the citrus in the top range. Sounds like "Play" may be what we'll be spraying on before the next night at the club.

BIG IN JAPAN: Having successfully pushed her first fragrance L.L.A.M.B., Gwen Stefani has even more options for folks that want to smell like Stefani. Harajuku Lovers isn't just one fragrance, it's a series of five unique scents. Pick from Love, Lil Angel, G, Music, or Baby and get ready for the floral scents to go wild.

GENIE IN A BOTTLE: Christina Aguilera has made almost a cottage industry out of selling scents, but her latest is particularly intriguing to us (partly because the commercial is so sexy). Blending exotic fruit at the top, jasmine in the middle, and vanilla at the bottom. Aguilera says the scent, "reminds me of sitting on our Bali veranda in the heat, looking out over the most gorgeous sunset while sipping a cool, refreshing cocktail"

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