Smash Out Your Emotions in the Anger Room

Bad day at work? Let it out at The Anger Room

There's something therapeutic about smashing a TV with a baseball bat. Just ask the clients at the Anger Room.

The Anger Room is a place where customers can smash, hit, throw or stomp everything from furniture to office equipment -- all in the name of blowing off steam.

The business is the brainchild of Donna Alexander. She started the business in her garage four years ago but recently moved to a storefront.

Alexander knows a few things about having a bad day at work. She once worked at a call center.

"Any type of call center situation, you can get verbal lashing," she said. "You can get called stupid; it's all your fault."

Since she moved to a physical location, Alexander has seen more than 300 clients. She said her customers work in just about every field -- restaurant employees, people from hospitals, attorneys, psychiatrists and their patients.

Some are even executives. They all have regular problems. Alexander said they have girlfriend and boyfriend problems and boss problems.

On the day NBC 5 visited, Anna Rhees was visiting. She works in the hospitality industry.

"Sometimes you're at work and you want to throw a printer against the wall. I got to throw a printer against the wall," she said.

And she did -- right after she smashed a TV and a fax machine.

Alexander said prices range from $25 for 5 minutes to $75 for 25 minutes. And before you think, "That's not enough time," consider Rhees.

She served in the Iraq, is still in the Army Reserves and only lasted 11 minutes.

"Everyone leaves tired," Alexander said.

They also leave the Anger Room with a smile.

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