Slimming Secret Dissolves Fat in Minutes?

A new patch packed with all-natural products comes with a promise to tone and tighten from chin to thighs.

Wrapped in plastic and sealed tight, women hoping for a fresh look have new hope. Underneath the plastic is "The Ultimate Applicator" -- a 13" by 18" paper thin patch packed with ingredients designed to be absorbed into the body.

The paper applicator can be applied anywhere on the body.

Women selling the product said the plastic begins to loosen in just a few minutes as fat is lost in the covered area.

"The cellophane doesn't shrink with them," said Linda Hancock. "They're getting smaller, so the cellophane's getting loose."

One of the keys to success with the product is drinking a lot of water. 

"All the product is going into that fat cell ... and attacking it," said Kambree Breedlove. "Once it's purged and starts circulating through your system, you have to drink that water to flush it out through urination."

Then, it's time to unwrap and remeasure the area.

"Eighty percent of the product is absorbed in 45 minutes, so results continue over the next 72 hours as the rest of the product is absorbed through the skin," said Breedlove.

Packages of four applications cost $49, though it can be tested for $20 at home parties and trade shows.

With a regular maintenance program, the patch maker said results can last from two to six months or even longer.

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