Sliding House for Sale

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Johnny and JayC Willbanks

Patricia Palmer used to love watching the fireworks on the Fourth of July from the balcony at her southwest Dallas home. But the last nine months have been a nightmare.

"It was a good life on the hill for 17 years," Palmer said.

Last October, winter rains caused her manicured backyard to push through a retaining wall and pour into a nearby city park. Her backyard sunk 15 feet, ruining thousands of dollars in landscaping, collapsing a deck, and exposing the foundation of the home.

"To me, it looks worse every time I come over here," Palmer said.

She's asked the city for help with the retaining wall, since her yard now overflows into city property. But after nine months, the city told her it couldn't help.

Patricia will find out Tuesday morning if the bank sold her home in a short sale, or if it will go on the auction block.

"I want it over. I want it done. I don't care. I 'd prefer that they accept the short sale, but at this point, I've already lost my house," Palmer said.

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