Six Flags to Reverse Mr. Freeze

Trains will now face backwards

Longtime coaster "Mr. Freeze" is getting a 180-degree makeover for Six Flags Over Texas' new season.

Retitled "Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast," the trains that launch passengers onto the ride's track will now face backwards.

That means riders will be shot out at up to 70 miles per hour in reverse before heading into a 180-degree inversion and climbing up more than 200 feet into the air. That's when the trains will go through the ride again, this time in a forward-facing car.

"The reverse launch is sure to be dramatic," said Tim Baldwin, editor of RollerCoaster! Magazine. "What will really blow riders away is the upward vertical climb into the sky staring face forward to the ground. Diving straight down more than 200-feet back to earth, face-down, is going to be totally wicked!"

It's a little tough to explain in text, so maybe this video from Six Flags will help you figure out how different the ride experience will be.

The ride is scheduled to open in it's "Reverse Blast" form in May. Six Flags Over Texas is now open.

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