Sirens Didn't Send Puck's Guests Fleeing

During last night's severe weather, Dallas sirens let guests at Wolfgang Puck's Five-Sixty know something bad was afoot...but it didn't send them scurrying for the exits.

Contrary to the Twitter posts and blog articles claiming Five-Sixty was being evacuated due to the severe weather threat, Puck's PR rep Stephanie Davis said the party was nearly over already.

Davis says the sirens went off around 9:50 last night, while the party was supposed to end at 10 pm. She says they just made a quick announcement advising guests to be careful going home as guests left the building.

Five-Sixty officially opened this week (click here to read our full story about the opening), with owner Wolfgang Puck in town. We'll have a one-on-one interview with Puck coming up soon.

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