Signs, Activists Greet Voters as Part of ‘Intense' Election

The 2018 midterm elections are already the most expensive midterms in American history, with campaigns spending billions of dollars coast to coast. And voters in North Texas say they can see and feel the intensity of the election at polling places, which are often lined with political signs and full of activists from all sides of the political spectrum.

"I think the level of acrimony and the competition is a little intense," Dallas voter Richard Thacker said.

At the Lochwood Library early voting location in East Dallas, signs lined much of the property Thursday. Activists, candidates and supporters waited in the parking lot, hoping to get in one final word with voters.

"I am walking around talking to voters because I am campaigning for what I stand for," Democratic activist Karen Dyer said.

Both Democrats and Republicans at the location have accused the other of either being too aggressive or trying to impede the other from speaking with prospective voters. Republican Judge Bill Metzger, who is up for re-election, was among those hoping to speak with voters and defended legal electioneering.

"I think that's (talking to voters) an important part of the democratic process, both for people like myself and for people on the other side," Metzger said.

Voters that NBC 5 spoke with at the location said they were not bothered by the electioneering, but did note its intensity.

"Everyone has their freedom of speech and their rights, so you go for who you want," Dallas voter Vivian Pequeno said.

Early voting in Texas ends Friday.

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