Fort Worth's Custom-Made Euro Fashion

European designers settle in Cowtown

A new showroom that just opened in Fort Worth may change the way women in North Texas shop.  It offers European fashion, made to fit.

"This is couture, Dora. This is couture," exclaimed wardrobe consultant Bonnie Kurtz to shop owner Dora Schabel as she looked through the racks. "That's exactly what we bring here. This is the whole idea. It's like getting a private designer."

Schabel designs handbags in her native Cyprus and wanted to expand her 10-year-old business. She found Fort Worth-based business consultant Robin Birdsong on the Internet.  As the women talked, Birdsong realized Schabel's connection to high-end designers, and Birdsong wanted them in Fort Worth.

"I have to admit I talked her into that," Birdsong told NBCDFW. "Dora wasn't looking to start a company. She just wanted to sell her handbags more efficiently."

"We have brought something new to this area of the world that I'm very excited and happy about," Schabel said. "We have a niche with the made to measure aspect of it.  And I believe it's needed, and it's gonna be a welcomed thing."

FIG, which stands for Fashion Is Global, is a showroom at 910 Currie Street. The racks in two rooms hold samples from two dozen European designers.  Women browse through the racks, pick what they like and that's where the process starts.  The clothes are made to fit using a woman's exact measurements and in a fabric and color she chooses. The order is sent to Cyprus, and the clothes are back in 10 days to two weeks.  Prices range from $100 to $2,000.

"Compared to what you get, it's not cost prohibitive at all," said Schabel. "They're affordable clothing made for you and the fabrics are exquisite as well. They're beautiful fabrics."

"Our designers only make a few of each thing. These are not factories. These are designers in small studios," explained Birdsong.

The showroom's website at will allow customers to see a designer's entire collection and set up personal profiles for different looks.

"You know, it's a wonderful feeling when you wear clothes that fit you very nicely, and you will know it, when you have it," Schabel said.

"We're trying to fit many, many different kinds of women," said Birdsong. "We have a lot of clothes that would look beautiful on someone very young. We also have clothes I'm putting my mother in.  She's 87."

Women who dropped by the showroom recently were amazed at what they saw.  Jaws dropped and knees almost buckled.

"Look at that!  Who else is gonna have that on?" exclaimed Katherine Day Hubbard as she pulled item after item off the rack.

"You can come here, find exactly what you want, tailored to fit your body and it's one of a kind. You're not gonna see anybody wearing the same thing you have on," said Kelsey de la Torre.

And that just may be FIG's biggest selling point.

910 Currie St.
Fort Worth, TX76107

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