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Resale shops offer special discounts during road trip

Four nonprofit resale stores in Fort Worth team up Friday and Saturday for a Resale Road Trip during which bargain prices on designer duds are even lower.

"We feel like (if) you look good, the community looks better," said Double Exposure manager Lezlie Davis. "It's twofold. You look good and save money, and money goes back into the community."

Jean Devero, the fashion-conscious and budget-minded president of the board of the YWCA Resale Shop, started resale shopping years ago as a single mom on a budget.

Now it's her hobby and her way of giving back to the community. She donates to resale stores and spends, too.

"I'm not just  a fashionista, but I'm also smart and savvy and love the idea of living the green life and sharing because they support the programs of these charities," Devero said.

The four nonprofit resale stores in Fort Worth taking part in the Resale Road Trip are the YWCA Resale Shop at 6500 Camp Bowie Blvd., the Goodwill Store at 6297 Granbury Road, Berry Good Buys at 1701 W. Berry St. and Double Exposure Resale Shop at 1714 Eighth Ave.

The stores are offering an extra 25 to 50 percent off on Friday and Saturday.

Click to get the Resale Road Trip map of stores.

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