What are the Shells of Our City?

The hidden history behind landmark buildings

tania fernandez

We love the "new" -- whether it's brand new skyscrapers gleaming on the horizon or a new house tucked away in a suburb like Frisco; a new hotel by a convention center or a boutique to buy the latest fashions -- we love the "new."

When the last "new" isn't "new" anymore, don't worry. We have the room to build more. But what is left behind?

They are the vacant or abandoned buildings that hold history stretching back before two world wars, through the ups and downs of economies, social change, and advancing technologies. They are the places outgrown, outdated, or outmoded -- each with a lengthy story and complex reasons why they are a shadow of their former glory.

These are the landmarks you've seen, but never known the story behind -- the places you remember from "the good old days." These are the "Shells of Our City."

We've covered classic hotels, early high schools, places of business in transition, and ruins from decades ago. In the weeks ahead, we'll follow the progress of technology in power and science, the change in business in Fort Worth, and one mall that continues to offer unanswered questions.

We encourage you to share your memories of these places in the comments field of each article.

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