Selling Clothes Online After Weight-Loss Surgery

Wear-N-share creates community after surgeries

One of the benefits of losing weight is being able to shop for a new wardrobe.

However, after the cost of weight-loss surgery -- which can add up to tens of thousands of dollars -- that bonus can become a burden.

Plano’s Robyn Riep learned about it while talking with a co-worker.

“She had lost 80 pounds,” Riep said. “I was amazed and thought that was wonderful, and she said she loses about 25 pounds a month. I said, ‘Wow, that’s two dress sizes!’”

Weight-loss surgery patients say losing a large amount of weight in a short period of time is a mixed blessing.

Within weeks, they have drawers full of clothes that don’t fit. And because they shed pounds so quickly, clothes they buy in their current size won't fit, either, within another month or two.

“You even have to buy new socks, everything, because you’re losing so much weight that nothing fits," Riep said.

It gave Riep and her sister, Myrna Krohn, an idea for their online resale shop.

People can find and sell clothing Wear-n-Share that fits their current phase of their weight-loss journey. Sellers keep 85 percent of the proceeds and connect with other people dealing with the same situation all over the country.

“We were surprised at what a large community this is,” Krohn said. “We have postings that bring tears to your eyes when you read their struggle.”

The dozens of members reach from North Texas to the West Coast.

Riep said the resale shop is about paying it forward.

“These aren’t going to be the clothes that they end up in," she said. "These are clothes they’re going to need along the way."

The website launched in early October. It’s also available to men, although the site is still looking for male members.

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