Skip, Rent, See : “Knowing,” “Duplicity,” “I Love You, Man”

We've never been huge Alex Proyas fans, who directed films like "Dark City" and "I, Robot." Plus, we've never been big Nicholas Cage fans. Plus, we've been told by reviewers that it's a film that needs improvement. SKIP IT.

Gene Shalit gushed about this one on the Today show this morning, and others are agreeing with him. Neither Julia Roberts and Clive Owen fall in our "no, thanks" pile of actors as each has made some great films, (Yes, "Notting Hill" DOES count.) so we have some hope this could be a fun film. SEE IT.

We have high expectations for this film, especially after "Role Models" surprised us with how funny/sweet it was. Ain't It Cool says it's the best buddy comedy in years, but Reel Talk's Jeffery Lyons though it was mearly adequate. We're planning on seeing this one tonight, and would definitely recommend a SEE IT to you, but we're pretty sure the R-rated Bromance isn't for everyone. RENT IT.

Skip, rent, see is our way of getting to the nitty gritty of a movie review without all those pesky "words." All the opinions and advice in this article is based on the writer's opinions. Okay? Okay.

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