See Food And Eat It

Fare from the deep is served in dignified lodge-like surroundings at David’s Seafood Grill. Don’t expect servers to outfit you with a plastic bib here.

Besides, diners shouldn’t have to endure kitschy décor (plastic crabs hanging haphazardly from dusty fish netting) nor having to walk by a  tank filled with lobsters living on borrowed time when they want to eat at a seafood restaurant.

Chef and owner David Wilson runs a tight ship. Having worked his way up from apprentice waiter to general manager of the world-renowned Brennan's of New Orleans, Wilson is a veteran of the restaurant biz.

“My exposure to Creole and Cajun foods, as well as to all the European chefs I worked with -- it was basically a league of nations at Brennan’s -- gave me my background in New Orleans-style foods,” said Wilson.

New Orleans-style dishes such as the Cajun Tilapia, jambalaya, Cedar plank salmon, Nantucket scallops and grilled crab cakes (get your paws on it here) are served.

David’s menu is extensive, including plenty of non-seafood items such as steak, roast beef Po Boys, cheeseburgers, fried green pickled tomatoes and stuffed jalapeños.

Wilson told us he wants everyone to feel comfortable and have options when they come to eat at his restaurant. He’s quite the politician, greeting guests by name as he walks through the expansive, wooden dining room. He wears many hats in addition to his chef chapeau.

He’s the Chairman of the Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce and serves on the boards of the Cedar Hill Education Foundation, Leadership Southwest, and the Best Southwest Partnership.

Wilson's dedication to the community is evident by the crowd who frequents his eatery. The restaurant serves as somewhat of a gathering place for regulars who enjoy the country-club vibe without the stuffy attitude.

David's Seafood Grill
350 E. FM 1382
Cedar Hill, TX 75104

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