School District Dupes TV Station

We admit it, after an e-mail and a phone call, we believed the White Settlement Independent School District spokesperson when she told us the Jonas Brothers would be at West Elementary Monday.
Here's how it started...
We received this e-mail last week from White Settlement ISD: 

Monday, March 2

Jonas Brothers to Perform at West Elementary
The Jonas Brothers will perform at West Elementary during a school-wide TAKS rally at 12:45 p.m. Monday, March 2. The school is located at 8901 White Settlement Road in White Settlement. 

In a Friday conversation on the phone, the spokesperson never set the record straight about the true nature of the event.

We're aware the Jonas Brothers, who make their home in Westlake, have not been selfish with their time. Kevin, Joe and Nick were in town this weekend, popping up at Main Event in Grapevine and greetings adoring fans.

We're also aware of the Jonas Brothers' popularity, after all they were No. 2 at the box office. Preliminary reports have "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert" bringing in $13 million. 
The truth behind the White Settlement ISD claim came to light after we received a couple of e-mails from an irate viewer. We called the school district spokesperson yet again, one hour before the event, only to find out, OOPS! it's not the real Jonas Brothers!

Instead, when our crew shows up at West Elementary we would find no real Jonas Brothers --  only teachers dressed as Jonas Brothers rallying the kids.

The spokesperson apologized, but we're not sure it's enough to satisfy the disappointed kids and parents.
By the way, after more than a month of attempting to find a contact for the Jonas Brothers, we finally have one. We won't be duped by anyone again. 

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