Scannable Codes Link Flower Mound Diners to Inspection Reports

Health permit QR codes link diners to health inspection scores

Flower Mound diners with smartphones can now easily tell if a restaurant has passed its health inspection.

The town has printed QR codes on all of its health permits, allowing people with smartphones to scan the QR codes for quick access to inspection scores.

"They don't have to take their time to go back home and look up scores," said Chuck Dumas, town environmental health manager. "They don't have to call us; they can just come to the restaurant and look there if they are curious."

Dumas said health permits must be placed in visible locations in restaurants.

Once a QR code on a health permit is scanned, it will link the user to the town's health inspection website, where inspection scores are listed.

"I've always wondered how you look up health inspection results and having it as convenient as that is pretty good," Flower Mound resident Kevin Davis said.

Flower Mound health officials said the health inspection website and scores are updated each month.

Plano's restaurant health permits also have QR codes that link to a website with inspection reports.

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