Save Your Teeth, Make a Buck

Dental group will pay cold hard cash for your sugar crash

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If the thought of having to eat 90 packs of Bottle Caps grosses you out, or if you want to save your teeth, you might be looking for a place to drop off your unwanted spoils of All Hallow's Eve.

Sure, the trash is an acceptable location for donation, but why not turn your cold hard sugar crash into cold hard cash?

Woodhill Dental Specialties in Dallas is paying a buck for each pound of candy donated Nov. 1-2, 2011 from 3 to 5 p.m. The candy will be passed on to Operation Gratitude, a charity that makes care packages for our service men and women.

That's sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us, but we're curious why Woodhill mentioned the Tooth Fairy would be there -- wouldn't keeping the candy lead to better supply for her?

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