Save Big Bucks at the State Fair

Dallas blogger has 17 ways to save lots of money

If you’re looking to save money off of admission to the State Fair of Texas, there are as many as 17 ways to do it.

Each year Dallas mom and blogger Lea Ann Stundins posts them on her blog

She started the blog when the economy sunk in 2008 and posts all the deals she finds in food, fashion and other areas back.

"It started as me telling people with my mouth in the parking lot at school and then so many people wanted information that I was finding that I started sending out an email to all of my friends," said Stundins.

At that point, instead of emailing the 14 people who wanted to hear from her daily about deals she found, she started her blog.

In 2009 she started posting ways to save on admission to the State Fair of Texas.

All of the ways are simple and some are so obvious you’ve probably passed them up.

Did you know there are coupons for the fair on disposable tray liners at McDonalds?

When it comes to these next two ways to save, you’ve probably already got them in your refrigerator.

Depending on the day a can of Coke can reduce the $16 gate price to $6 and some days a can of Dr Pepper can make your admission only $5.

"Don’t pay full price to get into the Texas State Fair so you can save your money for important things like funnel cake," said Stundins.

You can find the other 14 other ways to save at the State Fair of Texas on

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