Cash or Credit? Salvation Army Red Kettles Get Scanners

New kettles will accept debit and credit cards

Don't have any change? That's no longer an excuse to not donate to the Salvation Army.

"I don't carry cash at all," Lance Hildebrant said.

It's something the Salvation Army hears all too often.

"We've had people tell us, 'I'd donate but I never have cash,'" said Patrick Patey, Salvation Army spokesman.

The charity will unveil a dozen red kettles on Thursday with credit card scanners that will accept debit and credit cards.

The high-tech kettles will have a PIN pad where the donor can enter their PIN and the amount they'd like to donate.

"That's a good idea. A lot of people don't carry cash," said Pamela Hamel, who donates every year.

The Salvation Army said it hopes using plastic will prompt donors to donate more than just spare change.

"Now they might give us a $5 donation, so it might help us raise more money," Patey said.

The charity hopes to raise $2 million this holiday season for families in need.

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