Salon Provides Instant Suntan Without the Stink

Spray tan made of 90 percent sugar cane

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David Lees

The sun has faded, and with it, that natural glow of a tan.

So women are flocking to Salas Sunless Custom Airbrush for a different kind of spray tan -- one that doesn't literally stink.

"You're sitting there and you have your eyes closed and you are freaking out. You don't want to smell all these chemicals. With this, it's pleasant and it doesn't smell awful," says customer Laura Rice of Dallas.

What's the secret to spray without the stench?

"Pretty much all it is is sugar cane, everything else is natural ingredients. There's nothing chemical about this. It's all natural," says owner Frank Salas.

The spray is so natural, claims Salas, that he was willing to drink it in front of our cameras.

Customers say walking out without that nasty tanning stench is worth paying a little more.

"You don't walk out of the box streaky and everything's balanced, it looks natural. It's worth it," claims Jessica Hanchey.

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