Rumor: Tony Cheated on Jessica?

Rumor has it Tony Romo may have cheated on Jessica Simpson with a beautiful brunette.

Star Magazine's cover story this week is that after Jessica flew out of Burbank airport Tony went to an invitation-only event and then invited a bunch of people back to his place (which was really Jessica's Beverly Hills home).

The 'source' tells Star that while everyone was partying on the first floor of the Coldwater Canyon home, Tony was upstairs with a long-haired, olive-skinned woman.

"Everyone was talking about it downstairs," reports the source. "The girls were saying it was so wrong and shady of Tony to cheat on Jessica – especially in her place! I just can't believe he would hook up with another woman at his own girlfriend's house."

What the El!?! Editorial:

Really? Are we going to believe all this? I doubt, if Tony was going to cheat on Jess he would invite a boatload of people to the house to witness it. I gotta think he's smarter than that! Isn't he?

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