Bulletproof Club on Wheels

Roll in Security and Style


The Armored Vault Limo isn’t for wallflowers. It’s for people who want to "do it up big" when they want to party.

The limo, worth a couple hundred thousand dollars, turns heads wherever it rolls up. But the best part, is that the whole ‘armored’ part isn’t just for show.

This limo really is bulletproof.

“You can shoot at the truck and the bullets are going to bounce off,” Benny Black, owner of Platinum Motorcars said.

The owner and co-creator of the armored vault limo, Milton Davis, told us no one even comes close to touching the limo, unless of course they have rented it.

“We had a old lady come close to the limo one time and she just walked up to it and opened the door, but when she saw our security guard she just closed the door,” Davis said.

Popular with visiting celebs (John Travolta, Nicholas Cage, Terrell Owens, Shaq) and locals who can shell out upwards of $500 an hour for armed security guards to protect their party, the armored limo is about as big as it gets.

The armed security guards are extra so partiers who want to get down without them, can.

Here is a breakdown of its amenities and over-the-top extras:

  • Push button retractable pole (a.k.a stripper pole) from ceiling
  • CD player, iPod connection, gaming capability, strobe lights
  • 8 thousand watt sound system (What?! I can’t hear you…)
  • Bar (hostess available upon request)
  • Seating for up to 28 people
  • 4 LCD monitors
  • Wood floor

Rent it: thearmoredlimo.com or platinummotorcars.net

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