Rockin Haute Offers High Fashion For Less

Single Mom helps customers look the way they feel

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Want luxury brands at a price cheaper than regular retail?

The Rockin’ Haute High Fashion Consignment Studio houses most popular brands at more affordable price than buying new.

“You can buy things in my store from $10 to several thousand dollars,” said owner Theresa Russell.

Russell stacks her store with top brands including, True Religion, White House Black Market, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Jimmy Choo, and many others.

“When my customers come in, I tell them that the standard is, it’s something that you would let your best friend borrow,” said Russell.

All the merchandise is in great shape and more affordable then regular retail.

“To make sure they would not compromise their income at their house to be able to afford to look beautiful,” said Russell.

The business also put cash in others’ pockets. Like a typical consignment store, customers can bring in their luxe items for others to purchase.

“It’s a really good feeling to have people making money, saving money, and I’m getting to make a living, so it’s really a good heartwarming thing also for a career,” said Russell.

The shop is more than a day job for Russell, it's something she's doing for her whole family.

“I did this for my son. I am a single mom and when I was deciding, what was a way I could make a living and also be here for him? Because I pick him up everyday from school. He goes upstairs. We live in the loft above [the shop].  So, he’s able to come back and forth. I’m able to help him with his homework so I am still here for him, even though I am also at my job.”

It’s also the motivation for the only “unused” brand that she sells in her store, called “Boy Mom."

“It’s the only item I purchased for the store to sell new. There is a local mom in Dallas and she started this line called 'Boy Mom' 'cause you’re a different mom when you’re a Boy Mom. There’s been things for years, little girls get to match their moms. You know, when you’re a boy mom, you play with lightsabers and you hum the Mario tune,” said Russell.

Russell says her job goes beyond helping dress up a customer.

“We sell clothes here, but mainly we sell an experience. When you come into Rockin’ Haute it’s about feeling Rockin’ Haute. It’s about being the best you you can be. You as a woman are not supposed to be a certain size or a certain shape. You’re supposed to be the healthiest size and shape for you,” said Russell.

All in a place where you’ll find a second chance to make a first impression.

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