Rockettes in Grand Prairie

The Rockettes are in North Texas to promote their upcoming show at the Verizon Theater

A couple of the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes are in North Texas to promote their upcoming show at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie.

Addie Elsbecker, who grew up in Richardson, said she is happy to be back home.

"I was three years old, training here in Dallas, Texas. And I was training in ballet and tap and jazz. And the Rockettes is something I've wanted to do since I was in fourth grade," she said.

This will be Elsbecker's fourth season as a Rockette. She said there are currently 100 Rockettes across the country getting ready for the Christmas season. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular will be celebrating its 85th year in New York.

"That is a long line of history of women that have come in and out of the company. I know that when I do the parade of the wooden soldiers, I'm marching in the same steps that the women had 60 years ago," said Elsbecker.

The show is coming to North Texas for the fourth time, and the Rockettes will soon be training again to perfect their trademark kicks.

"We go into rehearsal next week, and we will be singing Christmas carols and doing our Christmas dances from now until New Year's," said Laura Danelski, who is entering her 11th season as a Rockette.

Danelski said they kick more than 300 times per show, and they have up to four shows a day.

"It's definitely a challenging job physically, so I was just happy to make it to ten years. Anything over that is cake," she said.

This is Danelski's first time in Texas, and she said she was looking forward to performing for a full crowd next month.

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular returns to Verizon Theater the day after Thanksgiving. The show runs through December 8.

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