Reward Increased for Information into Garland Woman's Murder

Saturday marks one year since the senseless murder of a Garland woman who was gunned down during her daily routine.

Jocelyn Sarabia, 20, was killed in her own front yard.

Numerous surveillance cameras caught the suspects on video before the murder.

Despite that, the case has gone cold.

Now, the victim’s mother is increasing the reward money in hopes that someone will come forward.

“I speak with her and I tell her ‘Help me help to find who killed you’,” Mayela Martinez said at her daughter’s gravesite.

The person police believe killed Jocelyn is one of the men seen following her home from work in surveillance videos.

Garland Detective Gary Sweet believes Jocelyn is seen driving down Forest Lane, passing a church in her neighborhood, then turning on her block, all with the suspect’s car not far behind.

Minutes later, cameras pick up two men walking alongside the suspect's car believed to be a Nissan Sentra.

One of the men is wearing a distinctive, reflective long-sleeved shirt.

They pace the sidewalk waiting for Jocelyn, sitting in her car on the phone, to walk inside.

When she does, they ambush her firing one round into her chest before sprinting off.

One year later, Detective Sweet says he's no closer to solving the case: No suspects, no new leads, and only a hunch that robbery was the motive.

“It sticks with me quite a bit,” he said.

Sweet says nothing was stolen, except something Jocelyn’s mother can never get back, “Her heart,” Martinez said.

Her hope is that more reward money motivates someone to come forward with new clues that could lead to justice for Jocelyn.

“I have too many questions for her but no answers,” Martinez said.

Between Crimestoppers and Martinez, the reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case is now up to $30,000.

Anyone with information related to the case should call Garland Police.

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