Retired Dallas Police Officer Died During Charity Event

A longtime veteran of the Dallas Police Department died in a motorcycle accident over the weekend.

73-year-old Raymond Ross was taking part in the Santa Cops charity event in Mesquite Saturday when he lost control of the motorcycle he was riding and hit a curb at Big Town Boulevard and I-30.

Ross' grandson tells The Dallas Morning News the medical examiner is investigating whether a health crisis, such as a stroke or heart attack, caused the accident.

Ross was a 30 year veteran of the Dallas Police Department from February 1960 to July 1990.

The Dallas Morning News reports Ross was on duty on Nov. 22, 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was shot and was assigned to search boxcars for suspects in the rail yards near Dealey Plaza.

Ross was a member of Blue Knights, a motorcycle club of retired police officers.

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