Retail Therapy: Jumping Aboard The Bandwagon

Oh, so NOW you're a Rangers fan? Here's the gear you need to pull it off.

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This Sept. 12, 2010, file photo show Ranger fans "do the claw" between innings during a baseball game against the New York Yankees, in Arlington, Texas. The "Claw and Antlers" have become a big part of the playoff chase for the AL West-leading Texas Rangers.
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HATS OFF: Jump aboard the playoff bandwagon with a hat that says, "Yeah, I know why I'm finally paying attention to a great baseball team." Grab an official Texas Rangers 2010 Playoff Cap (it's got a date and everything!) and be part of the moment. Read more
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KNOW YOUR HISTORY: It's been a big year already for Nolan, but it could be even better if the Rangers keep up their winning ways. Show your support for the new co-owner and famed pitcher with this authentic -- and expensive -- jersey from Ryan's 1993 season. History is worth it, though. Read more
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MONKEY ON YOUR BACK: Get the kids involved with a plush buddy that will give them something new to snuggle with and support the team at the same time. Plus, with the hook and loop fasteners (read: Velcro) on the paws, you can put this Rally Monkey on your little slugger's back to help them cheer on Hambone. Read more
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GET 'EM YOUNG: Your friends might be oohing and aahing over their new bundle of joy, but sitting around watching a kid drool is a waste of time unless they're wearing one of these cute Rangers themed onesies. Don't have a kid? Buy them for your dog, they may fit. Read more
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LATE SEASON TRADES: It's unlikely to see any real-life player trades, but if you pick up a 2010 team set of Topps Rangers baseball cards, you'll have to trade your Jarrod Saltalamacchia away -- maybe you can get a Cliff Lee in exchange? The set we found also comes with six packs of cards, complete with chewing gum. card chewing gum. Read more
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TICKET TAKER: Putting your ticket stubs in a scrapbook is so last century. Nowadays, we specialize in products that have only one use. Take this Ticket Archive, for instance -- its sole responsibility is holding those important moments in Rangers history (the games you attended, of course) forever and ever. In fact, the archive can hold 96 tickets total...but you might need a second one to hold all the games the Rangers will win this year (we hope). Read more
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EXTENDED COFFEE BREAK: We're pretty peeved the MLB has the first two games against the Rays during normal work hours. Luckily these two coffee mugs will come in handy during the "extended coffee breaks" we'll be taking to make sure we don't miss a minute of the action. One mug is the classic desk variety, but the travel one might be even handier for a long break with our car radio and FM 105.3. Read more
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BANDWAGON TO TRUE FAN: And here's the last piece to make your transformation from bandwagon-jumper to true Rangers fan complete -- authentic, game-used playing surface from the infield of Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Yes, that's right -- it's dirt. Rangers dirt. The kind of dirt you see Ian Kinsler knock from his cleats. The dirt you've seen Elvis Andrus kick up for 10 years with the team. Oh yes, Rangers fans -- buy the dirt. Read more
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