Restaurants Put Roanoke on the Map

"Unique dining capital of Texas" has 7,150 residents and 44 restaurants and counting

Roanoke is making a big name for itself as the place to eat out.

The small Denton County town has just 7,150 residents, but 44 restaurants.

More are on the way, right on the heels of places such as the Twisted Root Burger Company and Cowboy Chow from Deep Ellum in Dallas.

"It's the rising star, they say, of the Metroplex -- food, fun, good people," said Cowboy Chow manager Trey Matthew.

"People seek these restaurants, and they come flying into Roanoke," Mayor "Scooter" Gierisch said. "You'll see them coming in 10 at a time at lunchtime. It's just amazing."

The original Babe's opened in Roanoke 16 years ago and welcomes the new neighbors.

"I believe the city of Roanoke really has gone strides from what they were when we first moved in to where they are now," said Babe's manager Trey Calloway.

Another restaurant is set to open in late November -- with more to follow soon after.

In their last session, state lawmakers officially designated Roanoke as "the unique dining capital of Texas."

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