Fat Adults as Unhealthy as Heavy Smokers

Hey tubby! You may want to lay off that cheeseburger, because the extra calories are just as bad for your health as smoking, according to new research.

Obese adults are as much at risk for premature death as someone who smokes more than 10 cigarettes a day, according to findings published on bmj.com.

Researchers in Sweden reviewed the cause of death of more than 45,000 men who underwent testing at the age of 18.

The Swedish military measured each participant's body mass index and smoking status as part of the study. The military followed up with each person on an average of 38 years.

Over the follow-up period, those who were overweight had the highest rate of death.

The study also found that those subjects who were overweight at the age of 18 had a one-third higher risk of premature death. Those who were obese were more than doubled the risk.

Surprisingly, those who smoked and were overweight did not see a combined risk.

So stay away from the Marlboro and the Big Macs and go for a run!

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