Resale Shops Reap Benefits of Recession

North Texans go second hand to save cash

Many retailers find themselves struggling in a tough economy, but it is a good time for owners of consignment stores.

North Texas consignment shops are experiencing a boom in business as consumers tighten their purse strings in the tough economy.

The National Association of Resale & Thrift Shops reported three-fourths of resale stores had higher sales in September and October compared to last year.

At Children's Time Again in The Colony, business increased significantly since the economic downturn. Customers began turning to the store to find brand new and gently used kids clothes, toys and baby supplies at rock bottom prices.

Store owner Aufie Hoskins said some of her newest clients have lost a job or are afraid of losing a job, so they're turning to her store to cut costs.

A few customers say without consignment stores such as Children's Time Again, their children would have woken up without presents under the tree this Christmas.

"It helps me a lot because I didn't know if my kids would get a Christmas this year because I can't afford it," Sherry Hoskins said.

Another North Texas mother browsing the store said she also did much of her Christmas shopping there and saved a lot of money.

"You can find stuff here for $15 or $20 and at Walmart or other stores like Target, you would pay $35 or $40," she said. "You save plenty of money and then you can spend more money on other things for your kids."

Children's Time Again buys, sells and trades items in good condition. Many customers opt to receive store credit, but Hoskins said about one in five customers simply needs the cash.

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