Remembering the “Day of the Dead”

Colorfully dressed skeletons, decorated skulls, and "altares" designed to remember loved ones have become chic accessories to "Dia De Los Muertos" -- the Day of the Dead.

People in our Latin communities will be putting their "altares" up on the days following Halloween. The "altares" are adorned with the traditional marigold flowers and with pictures of the person that passed away and with "nichos" (dioramas) depicting the job or work of whatever the persons profession was.  Many put out the person's favorite food and drink and, of course, candles. Beautifully dressed skeletons to represent the joyful afterlife, colorfully decorated skulls with butterflies or hummingbirds to represent the soul leaving the body, and "papel picado" (paper mache) will wrap up the finishing touches.  The "altares" can be as simple or as elaborate as the family wants it to be. 
Multiple North Texas locations will be showcasing the "Dia De Los Muertos."

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