Relaxation Energizes Drink Market

Energy drinks may still be king, but the sales of relaxation drinks have plenty of vitality.

A handful of drinks such as VIB, or Vacation in a Bottle, are attracting people who want to "slow their roll."

"We have amino acids which soothe you, calm you, bring you down, along with the vitamin Bs that give you energy," said John De La Valdene, one of VIB's creators.

De La Valdene, of Dallas, said sales have been growing roughly 100 percent per month.

Jim Turner, former chairman of Dr Pepper, said the economy has taken the fizz out of energy drinks -- and has propped up relaxation drinks.

"I think it's going to be big, and I think it's here to stay, and I think you will see tremendous growth," said Turner, of JLT Beverages. "You'll see a lot of the bigger guys getting into this category."

But that doesn't mean energy drinks are losing steam.

Consumers worldwide drank $7.8 billion worth of energy drinks in 2008. Industry experts expect that will be a record year for energy-drink sales.

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