Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rebuild

The former TXU Corporation, now known as Energy Future Holdings, is trying to practice what it preaches by conserving  energy to help the environment.

EFH is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on it's corporate offices in an effort to "go green." 

Nearly every material used in the re-design of their office space is recycled. 

"The energy savings that you can get from just the little actions that not only companies can make but consumers can make it makes a huge difference," said Lisa Singleton with EHF.

There are no more windowed offices and the cubicles are now open to utilize natural sunlight.

"Fewer light fixtures means energy savings, it's called natural light harvesting," said Bob Keith, the man overseeing the re-design. 

The wood floors, the carpet and even the counter tops are all made from recycled materials. 

"We even go as far as reusing furniture instead of buying new," said Singleton.

By using energy efficient light bulbs and appliances EFH expects to save upwards of 35 percent on its energy costs. 

Its goal is to spend less on the very product it produces and sells, electricity.

Even though Energy Future Holdings (The former TXU Corp.) has long been accused of being one of Texas's worst polluters, executives hope the re-design of their corporate offices will send a message that the company is serious about saving the environment.

It recently received the prestigious LEED Certification award from the Green Building Council.

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