Reata Celebrates Fort Worth's Western Roots

Reata's rustic atmosphere makes it legendary

From southwestern delights to creative Creole cuisine, Reata Restaurant in Fort Worth has a dish to please every palate.

"It’s kind of a melting pot of everything indigenous to the state. Tex-Mex, a little bit of Creole from Louisiana,” says Assistant General Manager Russell Kirkpatrick.

Reata in Fort Worth twists the theme of a rustic steakhouse.

“So it’s your un-typical steakhouse with a little bit of Texas flare,” says Kirkpatrick. “We really try to provide sophistication without pretention.”

Part of the ambiance includes vintage saddles that pull your eye to the wings of the restaurant.

“We’ve got many saddles around the restaurant. Most of them purchased, some of them even given to us,” says Kirkpatrick. "Some of them are show saddles definitely just for looks. Now most of the ones that you’ll find on the floor as opposed to the display cases absolutely have been used”

Diners say the décor adds to his experience. “It gets you into the whole sprit of where you’re eating and the whole environment of where you’re in. Just everything. When you look around and see everything on the walls it,” says diner John Vittas.

“I love all the old western art and saddles and things that are inside," adds diner Rocky Bransom.

There are also rooms for private dining.

“There’s nothing more special to us than the amount of proposals we have here, the amount of anniversaries we have celebrated here, the amount of birthdays. We’re in the business of making memories,” says Kirkpatrick.

One of the most memorable dishes is also one of the most popular -- the buffalo rib eye with cook’s butter.

“I think a lot of the accents that we place compliment the proteins that we serve. The butter for the buffalo really brings out the flavor of the bison. You know the buffalo rib-eye is one of our top sellers,” adds Kirkpatrick.

“They are prepared very well. We love the food,” says Bransom

The patio is one more place where you can come to enjoy your food and experience four different kinds of flavors: southwestern, Creole, southern and a traditional steakhouse.

“We want to give the feel of a five-star restaurant and the setting that you can come in be comfortable at, have a great feel, have five-star service and really leave a memorable impression with our guests,” says Kirkpatrick.

310 Houston Street,
Sundance Square,
Fort Worth, Texas 76102
(817) 336-1009

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